Zinc White Fume Extraction System

Acid Pickling, Degreasing, Electroplating, Anodizing

Zinc White Fume Extraction System

Acid Pickling, Degreasing, Electroplating, Anodizing.

Arvind Anticor is one of the leading zinc white fume extraction system manufacturer and supplier in the country for hot dip galvanizing plants. Our commitment and ability to resolve air pollution problems has made us an innovative leader in the field of hot dip galvanizing industries. All our components are manufactured using corrosion - resistant Thermoplastic material.

When steel parts are dipped in molten zinc, fine particles of zinc oxide are generated and ammonium chloride is released. We provide top quality zinc fume extractors to remove the compounds emitted out of the galvanizing baths.
Our zinc fume extraction consists of fume extraction hood attached to dust collecting cyclone. Heavy ash particles in zinc fume settle at the bottom of the cyclone. The cyclone is connected to a zinc fume wet scrubber where the fumes are cleaned and released in the atmosphere through a stack.

These fumes can be extracted using three different methods:

Our web scrubbers provide exceptional air pollution control by removing toxic fumes from exhaust air stream before it is released in the atmosphere. The scrubbers are designed to absorb toxic particles using water from air streams to scrub the air. The polluted acid fumes flow through a specifically designed packing media which is wetted with re-circulated liquid. The liquid solvent then absorbs the fume pollutant by physical or chemical methods. A downside blow from the tank with makeup water addition removes the contaminated products before they can precipitate.

Advantages of wet scrubbers from Arvind Anticor are:



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