Acid Fume Extraction System

Acid Pickling, Degreasing, Electroplating, Anodizing.

Acid Fume Extraction System

Acid Pickling, Degreasing, Electroplating, Anodizing.

Acid fume extraction system is used to take the toxic/acidic fumes away from pickling tanks and prevent them from spreading on the shop floor and cause pollution. The acid fume scrubbing system prevents release of aggressive and harmful vapors in the environment. Scrubbing liquid absorbs the vapors and gases and are returned to the process. Effective scrubbing and guaranteed compliance with emission limits of the acid fume neutralization system can only be achieved through an individually designed fume extraction system optimized on the particular application.

We have successfully become one of the leading fume extraction system manufacturers and suppliers in India as our products can be designed to meet specific high demanding emission regulations. We provide complete equipment supply and engineering services to give high quality fume extractors at a low price. We support our customers with installation, start-up assistance, training and field service of chemical fume extractors.
Each wet scrubber is manufactured and designed for individual customer requirements. We check the fume removal requirements to create best design parameters for each installation. At Arvind Anticor, complete fume scrubbers system are designed and built including multiple stages whenever required.
Our wet scrubbers are designed to remove toxic/acidic fumes from industrial exhaust air stream providing excellent air pollution control. The fume scrubbers are made to absorb toxic particles from air streams using water to scrub the air. A liquid solvent absorbs the fume pollutants by chemical or physical ways. A downwards blow from the tank with makeup water addition removes polluting substances before they precipitate.

Some of the advantages of an acid fume extraction plant are:


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