Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant

Calculation, Ageing, Homogenizing, Baking, Heat Treatment

Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant

Calculation, Ageing, Homogenizing, Baking, Heat Treatment

Arvind Anticor is amongst the leading hot dip galvanizing plant manufacturers in India as our product designs are most advanced and efficient. The product designs are fuel efficient, with a practical layout, easy to maintain, productive and furnished with innovative material handling systems. All our projects are managed by a dedicated project team for smooth implementation of each project.

The top management employees have years of experience in hot dip galvanizing industry that includes design and installation of the galvanizing plant, operations management and proven performance record. We implement the entire project right from the beginning to detailed designing and installation.
Our galvanizing furnaces are manufactured using the finest quality of stainless steel acquired from well known vendors in the industry. Our galvanizing furnaces are known for their qualities such as strength, high durability and corrosion resistance. The furnaces are frequently used to galvanize small components like fasteners and auto parts and large parts like poles, pipes and pillars. Our high quality products have made us one of the well known hot dip galvanizing plant suppliers in India.
Every project supply includes plant layout and design, supply and installation of galvanizing furnace, dryer, state of the art pre-treatment tanks, fume extraction systems for acid and zinc, flux heating system, flux recovery system, post treatment tanks and project management of third party equipment.
Our team is able to successfully cope up with the ever changing customer needs of the galvanizing industry, operating processes and equipment supply. Our constant innovation in the products has helped us become one of the most well known hot dip galvanizing kettle manufacturers.
Our range of products including scaffolding galvanizing plant and tube pipe galvanizing plant, can be put to use across various industry verticals as well as in foundry and mini steel plants for various processes such as calculation, ageing, homogenizing, baking and heat treatment.

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