Corona Disinfection Tunnel

The demand for COVID-19 protection equipment is rising every single. Buy our cost-effective Corona Disinfection and sanitation tunnel to prevent Coronavirus.

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Corona Disinfection Tunnel Manufacturer in India

As we all know how coronavirus has petrified people around the world. As the whole world unites and working hard to stop this unfortunate virus it is important to stop this virus to spread. There have been many discussions about how to stop this from spreading more the one fine solution is coronavirus disinfection tunnels. We as a manufacturer of corona disinfection tunnel have launched a disinfection spray tunnel. The whole process is simple: you wash your hands and walk through the tunnel which has disinfectant sprayers sprinkle over your head. This is a two-step process that can remarkably reduce the number of germs from a person.
Since we are still facing the rise in the corona positive cases gradually, the disinfection tunnels in India are need of the hour. We as a manufacturer of sanitizer tunnel and corona disinfectant spray tunnel launched the full-body automatic disinfection tunnel equipped with infrared detectors. This new product can avoid infection from spreading quite effectively. The unit has been tested according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization. The unit will help improve other dimensions also such as social distancing for personal hygiene.

How our Corona Disinfection Tunnel works

Even though the country is in the lockdown situation as of now, but there are still many places where social gatherings take place. If we don’t make sure each and every individual from such places leave disinfected then the whole point will make no sense. Our model can be replicated at hospitals, vegetable markets, industrial complexes, government offices, schools, communities, police stations, and many more places.
Anticore has introduced this product to disinfect a major number of people who have to work towards resolving this virus. This product can be used to disinfect many people and stop the virus from spreading.